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Jacqueline Heiny, MS, LMHC

Jacqueline Heiny, MS, LMHC

1540 International Parkway, 1st Floor.

(between Wells Fargo and Walgreens)

Lake Mary, Fl. 32746.

OFFICE: 9am-6pm

407 446-0161 ( To request or change an appointment)

For after 4pm appointments:

Please text from lobby on the first floor or outside when you arrive to 407 416-3840 cell. for after 4pm appointments or weekends. 

(Doors are locked after 5pm and weekends so please text when you arrive.

Please wait in your car after 5pm as prior sessions can run longer.

You can email with questions 24/7  at [email protected]

My availability is  4pm- 7:30 pm and weekends

( Self pay is $125 for 50 min and $185 for 90 min and for EMDR  sessions when time is feasible. )


 Couples and Marriage Counseling, all couples are welcomed.

I can help you feel heard and address needs that might be from your past trauma that your current partner might be triggering you. Goals are to reduce frequency and increase quality of discussions. 

Reduce stonewalling ( partner walking away) and Increase intimacy. 

Reduce defensiveness from your partner that intensifies the argument and creates a never ending cycle. 

I feel everyones needs matter so I will help and translate what they really need and are saying because its not actually the words you are hearing where the need is coming from. 

If sessions can become argumentative please schedule individual session first. I want everyone to stay safe and be heard I can see both together and/or separate for best results.

( We provide love, respect and acceptance of anyones race, religion, preferences or differences.)

  • Alexithymia 

Not able to express or understand emotional needs. 10% of men and 8% of women have this and EMDR therapy is very effective  in increasing the ability to feel and express emotions. ( Some will be in denial that's ok

  • Increase healthy communication and boundaries 
  • Heal from infidelity issues
  • Revitalizing the relationship    (Bringing back romance)
  • Reduce co-parenting/ blended family issues to being on the same page

Individual Counseling

  • Reduce depression/ hopelessness and negative statements

       (Encouraging self growth) 

  • Reduce Anxiety with EMDR
  • Heal from past trauma affecting you now 

  • Adolescents and Individual Therapy

( For the family and teen to feel heard  together or separate)

  • EMDR for trauma processing , PTSD, childhood issues leading to current issues. 


I practice CBT and EMDR: 

EMDR Therapy is not covered under insurance but very effective to lower your stress even with one session. We work on traumatic memories that may still be in your subconscious. We process through it to a better place. 

People have said to me they have come in with anxiety on a suds scale ( trauma scale) of 0-10 as a 10 but after only one session their stress and anxiety is down to a 1 or 2 after a 90 min session and have mentioned feeling like they are floating as they feel so relaxed.  

I have seen a lot of success in infidelity when a partner cannot let go of an image, reducing the anxiety from an accident or years of living "stressed out." I find it very helpful for processing and healing from childhood abuse and neglect. 

Please indicate when booking an appointment if your wanting a self pay session of 50 min or 90 min and if it's for EMDR . 

EMDR Therapy is very powerful for all aspects in life to reduce depression, anxiety and anger see results after one session with Jacqueline Heiny, MS, LMHC


If needing to use Insurances, I take:  

United PPO, Aetna, Cigna and Humana PPO only ( no Medicare accepted) 

and Out of Network

For Staywell Medicaid please ask for Nicole Chacho.


CASH OR CREDIT CARD accepted for  

1 )  90 min. $185  initial visit and or EMDR

 Please call or text if needing a 90 min. session for self-pay or EMDR

2)  50 min  for insurance or $125 self pay. 

Please indicate your self pay or using insurance.

EAP sessions are 45 min only.

If your using an EAP get authorization code first with an approval letter with approval number of sessions and expiration info. Regular insurance info is still needed. (Kepro EAP not accepted)

 Weekend appt. $150.00 for follow ups, $185 initial

Medical paperwork is $100.

Call today 407 446-0161 for questions. We are taking new clients with United PPO, Cigna and Aetna

No longer taking BCBS/ Fl Blue

I specialize and enjoy working with Couples and Marriage, Trauma leading to depression and anxiety, teens and self growth.

Appointments can run a little longer in emergency sessions. We offer both in person and Telehealth appointments. We cannot see you without paperwork filled out online prior and when appt. is made. 

Please confirm in text reminders 24 hours prior or reschedule there as well. 


For Shakira Vasquez or Amanda Metcalf please see their web page for more info and to request an appt. 


My background, I'm a mental health therapist for 13 years specializing in couples, marriage and family therapy, Individual and Teens and maintain a private practice in Lake Mary/ Heathrow area.  I'm originally from New York City where I grew up Catholic. I graduated from Stetson University in Deland with a masters in Mental Health Counseling. I love what I do specially making a difference in a short amount of time and actually seeing emotional pain reduced. 

Worked many years providing family and marriage counseling effectively with positive results, along with crisis counseling for both teens and adults.  I feel I treat others as I want to be treated with respect and consideration. I'm very patient to hear you and help you get the bottom of negative patterns or the origins from past trauma BUT my style is direct as I'm solution focused. I analize what I'm hearing and what's not said. As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist I will give you home assignments to practice what we discussed where consistent changes do occur.  

Lake Mary Counseling LLC

Looking for help is hard specially if you don't know what to expect. Counseling is where you get heard and solutions are found. Our goal is to help you, listen to you, no judgments and get you to a peaceful better place. 

 We will help you communicate how your feeling and what your needing in a way that gets heard.  We want the opportunity to save your marriage and  repair the  relationship with tools and home assignments or as an individual reduce anxiety and depression in your life.  

Sometimes communication has just stopped being respectful you feel ignored again or your being taken for granted, all you do for the family and being dismissed so at this point what you want has become a need. If  your partner is walking away, that can create resentment and that turns to anger. We feel many relationships can be saved if both in the relationship stop to listen to what is your partner really is needing and what are they are feeling, whats behind the angry words.

We here to reduce daily patterns of arguing by practicing active listening and reduce defensive statements while increasing positive statements, validating your partners feelings which may include healing from infidelity and move past the pain.  

Are you having trouble moving on and forgiving? Counseling makes a big difference to be able to move past issues and heal the wound. Some people are coming because now they are separated, never felt heard or were taken for granted but the other partner or parents now see their ways and want to salvage the relationship and relationships can be saved when both are willing to come in or eventually together. People can change!

If its pre-marital let's discuss your different views and common goals and dreams and how it can not become a problem in the future. 

Let's discuss communicating better and reduce insecurities from past issues.

Counseling improves your relationship in many ways not just for people thinking of separating.


We will work on compliments, romantic dates and communicating needs where one listens and the other shares their feelings and frustrations to break the pattern of defensiveness. People have a need to feel heard and valued so respectful communication and timing is crucial. 

If there is a history of abuse, not feeling heard and if it can get volatile please do an individual session first.

We practice  active listening skills and use positive statements to refocus the conversation to a better and calmer place. I can see the positive things in you and your relationship that you might not be able to see any more. 

 Patterns that need to be broken maybe from childhood needs or past unresolved trauma. Items we can address in further treatment. Most symptoms and negative behaviors can have a trauma origin.

You can come privately at first to share personal frustrations and how we are going to tackle it together in couples counseling . We are passionate and patient and have a good sense of humor so needed at times.  We here to help you our main goal. 

Call us today so we can start healing now.  

( Check spam folder if email not received and let us know within 24 hours of making an appt if paperwork not received. 

If your sick please stay home and stay safe, counseling can wait but we also offer Telehealth counseling (online if needed).



  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

2. Solution Focus Therapy 

3. Person Centered Therapy

4. EMDR Therapy (for trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD)

Certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

Member of Mental Health Counselors of Central Florida and

Florida Mental Health Counselors

Office is on the first floor, during business hours there’s snacks and coffee available on the second fl.  

Front door closes at 6pm, please text your outside if your session is after 6pm or weekends. 

If early to follow-up appointments, please wait at 1st floor waiting area and we will be right with you. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you today!                                                                                        


Shakira Vazquez MS, LMHC  407 900-6927

Available 9:30 am to 4pm weekdays

Takes United PPO, Aetna and Cigna 


Amanda Metcalf, MA, LMHC 407 603-5636

Available 9am to 3:30pm weekdays in person.

Available earlier hours by Telehealth.

Self Pay, Cigna, United PPO, AETNA

If you prefer to email with questions   [email protected]

There's a $25 charge for no shows and late cancellations (less then 24 hours)

Please see all the therapists in our practice to see whos a good fit for you. We look forward to working with you today and reduce current stressors. 

Please feel free to contact us 407 446-0161 9am-6pm After these hours leave a message or text.

Please see each individual clinicians website, for insurance info and to schedule an appt.

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