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Hello,  We are  Family Therapists in the Heathrow area. We work with couples and individuals trying to communicate better, respectfully again in their relationships to feel heard and valued. Couples can get stuck in not communicating effectively to their partner their needs and concerns in a way and time that is heard and at times dismissed. Your feelings and concerns matter and they matter to us. 

We can help you express your needs in a way your heard and changes occur.  We will actively listen for patterns of communication and negative patterns that keep your message from reaching your partner and assign you techniques to practice at home for changes to occur. 

We will work on one main issue at a time to reach acceptance and ownership of certain behaviors that  contribute to the problem and then focus on the solution, healing and building trust again. 

 We feel very empathetic to people with emotional pain, we can help you see your value and contributions to the relationship to heal, grow and forgive or help you make the decisions that are needed. 

We don't wish others to go through it alone.  We can help others heal and communicate their needs while feeling respected. 

Counseling can be needed before marriage, during or when considering separation.

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For urgent appointments please text me, what you need with full name and email address.

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