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Thanks for reaching out, I know seeking counseling can make you nervous in what to expect but a neutral person can help you both reach your goals with assignments and open communication.

As Family Therapists in the Lake Mary area. We work with couples and individuals trying to communicate better, respectfully again in their relationships to feel heard and valued. Couples can get stuck in not communicating effectively to their partner, their needs and concerns, in a way and time that is heard and as a result dismissed at times. Your feelings and concerns matter and they matter to us. 

We can help you express your needs in a way you're heard and changes occur.  We will actively listen for patterns of communication and negative patterns that keep your message from reaching your partner and assign you techniques to practice at home for changes to occur. We will also point out the positive things in your relationship which are there as well. 

We will work on one main issue at a time to reach acceptance and ownership of certain behaviors that  contribute to the gridlock and then focus on the solution, healing and building trust or connection again. 

We feel very empathetic to people with emotional pain, we can help you see your value and contributions to the relationship to heal, grow and forgive or help you make the decisions that are needed when you are ready. 

We don't wish for people to go through it alone.  We can help you heal and communicate your needs while feeling respected. 

Counseling can be needed before marriage, during or when considering separation. 

We see couples, individuals and teens. NO SMALL CHILDREN under 13 in the office. 

We help reduce depressive symptoms, anxiety, trauma and help you reach your personal goals as well individually.

Online appointments are for self pay or established clients only.

I'm passionate about the staff I hire to provide love and compassion while motivating changes and having the exp. to make a difference.

Contact info:

Call 407 635-1979 admin hour 9am-6pm  after these hours leave a message or text 

Email us at : [email protected] after hours or if you have more questions.

We are very responsive even after regular hours. 

We are open 9am to 9pm and weekends.


  • Self pay : $150 for 50 min ( Clinicians all have different fees)
  • Insurances accepted BCBS, United PPO, Cigna, Aetna, Humana PPO ( not Medicare)
  • Registered Interns  can take Staywell, Cenpatico,  Sunshine, Aetna and Cigna self pay $120
  • Late cancellations (less than 24 hrs) is $50 and full fee of $120- $150 for no shows. 
  • Starting May 15, 2023 we will have 2 grad students with affordable rates at $50 ( add your name to the waitlist)

          one will be bilingual in Spanish. 

                   Lake Mary Counseling LLC

310 Waymont Court #100
Lake Mary Fl. 32746
407 635-1979-office

( Towards the back, turn right into a Teal color building)

Only Jacqueline Heiny, MS, LMHC, LMHCA
2nd Location: Lake Mary Counseling LLC ( self pay only $150 )
150 Sweet Briar Ln
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
407 635-1979 - (Telehealth only for this location)


(See different clinicians for more info., on specialties, scheduling and insurances accepted.)

We specialize in :

Couples / Relationships 

To improve positive communication skills, healing from Infidelity, lack of intimacy or connection and parenting issues. 

Childhood Trauma/ Abuse or neglect

which can be affecting currently as racing thoughts and anxiety to succeed 


lack of energy and motivation and grief of a love one

Identifying life goals/ Stressors

reducing work stress and raising self esteem.

Help with boundaries

with family and healing from partner abuse

Teens and LGBTQ+

with social and school anxiety

Counseling is the first place to talk about how you feel and what you need to get there. 

When needed referrals to a psychiatrist for ADHD, Bipolar, Severe anxiety with panic attacks and Severe Depression with SI and HI is available. 

(Getting the proper diagnosis is crucial in improving symptoms like  Bipolar which can take up to 11 years to be correctly diagnosed there's mania or anger and depression.Some people have both ADHD and Bipolar, if ADHD is treated before the mood is stabilized it can lead to mania which can cause impulsivity and problems sleeping. Both can run in the families. )

Se Habla Español.

  • Jacqueline Heiny, MS, LMHC (Owner)
    Bilingual in Spanish

     I enjoy and specialize in helping couples and families for 17 years, I feel it comes natural to me. Translating what I hear to a way your heard and your partner says “ Ah I get that” is what I love. Helping you both communicate better and healthier in a shorter amount of time. My goal is to reduce stressors at home from work or motherhood by creating a partnership. I want to remind you what made you fall in love and return the connection.

    Im EMDR trained, the best modality  I have seen to heal trauma/ Infidelity and reduce anxiety and grief. It immediately reduces anxiety and calms your mind. Even with one session nightmares can be gone. 

    Im Gottman Trained Level 3 in couples counseling as well. 


    4pm-9pm appointments only

    Rates & Insurance:

    Self pay only - I am not billing insurance to keep your information private.
    $150 for 50 min
    If appointments run 90 min its $185 ( AVAILABLE AT 5PM OR 7:30PM ONLY) 


    • Relationships and Self growth
    • Reduce Trauma and Stress with EMDR therapy 
    • Trained in Gottman Level 3 for couples counseling. 

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  • Melanie Cavallaro, MS, LMHC

    Melanie’s passion is supporting individuals and couples through the process of improving mental health, addressing relationship difficulties, or adjusting to challenging life changes. She believes that people have the ability to develop the skills needed to live their best life. Her counseling approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy.

    EMDR trained to lower stress, anxiety and current triggers in one session. 


    Monday, Friday: 10am-4pm 
    Tuesday-Thursday: 3pm-8:30pm

    Rates & Insurance:

    $150/ United, Cigna, Aetna


    • Specializes in couples

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  • Ashely G. Johnson, LMFT

    Ashley loves working with families in finding solutions for stressors at home. She is a new mom and understands the stressors of an infant, home and work balance. Her approach to therapy is to provide support and counseling to help each client effectively address personal life challenges by offering highly personalized approaches tailored for each client.


    Monday-Wednesday 10:30-2:30pm 

    Other hours as needed

    Rates & Insurance:

    Aetna and Cigna, BCBS, United PPO  / Self pay


    • Enjoys working with new mothers and the stressors that can come with new additions

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  • Amy Nunez, LCSW

    I enjoy helping individuals who are experiencing anxieties and depression that come with everyday life. I also enjoy working with those seeking help with self-esteem and empowerment. I have 4 years of experience providing talk therapy to teens and adults. My goal is to assist people step by step to help them achieve their goals and reduce their stressors.


    Tuesdays - Saturdays 8am-3pm

    Rates & Insurance:

    $150 self-pay/ BCBS,United, Aetna and Cigna


    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • LGBTQ Support
    • Self-esteem
    • Empowerment
    • Solution-focused therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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  • Kimberly Covington, Registered Intern

    Kimberly Covington is an EMDR trained, Certified Life Coach, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, who specializes in Disordered Eating, Body and Gender Dysmorphia, Mood Disturbances, PTSD, and Substance Abuse. As an EMDR trained therapist and Certified Life Coach, Kimberly combines her intuitive nature, background in psychology, with her passion for inspiring, empowering, and motivating individuals to live a balanced life filled with personal satisfaction and professional success.


    Wednesday -Saturday

    Rates & Insurance:

    Cigna, Aetna


    • EMDR trained Trauma specialist
    • Substance Abuse
    • Eating disorders

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  • Sara Sarginson, Registered Intern

    I have experience with individuals of various ages working on issues ranging from anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, relationship concerns, and other extraneous life circumstances. I have experience working with families processing a new autism diagnosis in addition to working with children diagnosed with ASD. I am also passionate about assisting new families navigate through parenting and potential conflicts that come with raising a family. 

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  • Malia Miller, Grad Student

    Hi, I am Malia Miller a Masters-level Counseling Student at Stetson University studying Marriage, Family, and Couples Therapy. I was born and raised in Costa Rica and then completed my undergraduate degree in Child and Adolescent Development in California. My hope is to work with individuals, couples, and parents to navigate life’s ebbs and flows. I can understand Spanish. I’m finishing my hours to graduate. Rates are $50. 

    Or sliding scale if needed.

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  • Marla Garcia Grad Student

    Hi, I’m Marla Garcia, and a Grad Student from Messiah University.  My desire has always been to help people in their time of need. Being in a counseling setting I realized that this is the path suited for me. I would like to help clients overcome fear, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Knowing that there is so much that goes into a marriage and into a family we can get lost in our day-to-day lives and lose who we are. I plan to give my clients the tools they need in order to regain confidence, live happy, and endure while moving forward. Rates are $50 or sliding scale if needed.

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  • Kimberly Gonzalez, Medical Receptionist

    Being in a field where I can help people in any way is what I enjoy. I’ve been a Medical Receptionist for 5 plus years. I enjoy being the first point of contact and assisting in any form or way.

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