Zoie Mirling, Graduate Student


Zoie Mirling is a Student Mental Health Counselor with a commitment to helping individuals and couples learn how to build healthier relationships with one another and themselves. Zoie was born and raised in Central Florida and loves to spend her off time reading or being with her family. Zoie has a passion for working with couples and individuals who are in distress. Zoie’s goal in working with individuals and couples is to help them find a healthy balance from work stress, life stress, and the stresses of parenthood.

Zoie is a University of Central Florida alumni where she earned Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy with Advanced Studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Stetson University. She has training in Gottman Level 1 as well as Prepare/Enrich for couples.

Zoie’s passion is supporting individuals and couples through the process of improving their mental health, addressing relationship stressors that affect the system, or working to remodel the system during life changes. She believes that people have the ability to develop the skills needed to live their best life. Her counseling approaches include Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Zoie’s specialty areas are:

  • Mood Disorders (depression, bipolar)
  • Anxiety (general, panic, social)
  • Personality Disorders (borderline, dependent, obsessive-compulsive)
  • Couples seeking resolution during or after life events and/or issues creating conflict and distress in the relationship. 
  • Individuals and couples experiencing Addiction.
  • LGBTQ+ community allied to empower and assist any challenges you face

Sessions are self pay at $50 for 50 min.

Her cell number for appointments on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday is 321 233-3859.

Please feel free to contact us 407 635-1979 9am-6pm After these hours leave a message or text.

Please see each individual clinicians website, for insurance info and to schedule an appt.

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