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Dr Stephen Galloza

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Dr. Stephen Galloza is a seasoned Clinical Pastoral Counselor ready to walk beside you as a compassionate guide. Dr. Galloza is a professionally trained and experienced psychotherapist. He offers a support process that is calming, discerning and deepens spiritual life. Using eclectic models we will look at habits, influences, and then seek spiritual wholeness and healing.

Pastoral counseling, is a clinical practice that integrates both psychological and theological concepts into its framework, is not unlike other modes of therapy when it comes to the therapeutic process. What sets it apart is the way faith, spirituality and theology are incorporated into the model. Pastoral counselors believe this incorporation of spiritual exploration and support can foster wholeness, healing, and growth in those who are seeking help.

Dr. Galloza’s education is in the field of clinical counseling and pastoral counseling. He received a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from The Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary; a Master's degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling; and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Mental Health from Johns Hopkins University. His Bachelor's degree is in Counseling Psychology from Regent University.

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