Shakira Vasquez MA, LMHC

For appointments please leave a message at 407 900-6927 cell. 

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Shakira Vasquez, MA, LMHC

In 2013 I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology followed by a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2016. The past four years working I have been a dedicated mental health professional providing care to all age populations, individuals and couples. 

My specialty areas are: 

  • Mood Disorders (depression, bipolar)
  • Anxiety (general, panic, social)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive and related disorders (compulsive behaviors and/or intrusive thoughts) 
  • Personality Disorders (borderline, dependent, obsessive-compulsive)
  • Sexual and/or intimacy issues. 
  • Couples seeking resolution during or after life events and/or issues creating conflict and distress in the relationship. 
  • LGBTQ+ community allied to empower and assist any challenges you face

As a veteran I pride myself with having the skills to connect, build bonds and work as a team with others from various cultures to face and overcome life’s challenges and adversities.

I meet clients where they are in their journey and use a compassionate, humanistic therapeutic approach. I use and teach techniques based on building insight, understanding your dilemmas and the emotions attached. I find joy teaching skills which lead to sense of empowerment and replaces fears or self-doubt with self- compassion and confidence. 

I admire your courage to seek for guidance, we are not alone yet often fall into the false narratives that success is achieved alone and progress is linear. You will be the guide in this journey. I will strive for us to develop a relationship in which you feel safe and trust. 

I take self pay, Out of Network,   Aetna, Avmed, Allsavers, Cigna,  Humana Choice Plus, Magellan, United PPO and Fl Blue, BCBS

$125- $140  for 50 min

Please call 407 446-0161 (for general info)

407 900-6927 cell. (for appointments)

Hours 9:30am-4pm

Email: [email protected] (with add. questions)

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